Daily Dish & Soup

As well as having the food at our place, you can also take it with you. Or you can order a delivery through aha.is by clicking here….


Menu Jan. 24. – 29.:



Mon. January 24.:

Falafel  *G*V

Tibetan lentil soup  *G*V


Tue. January 25.:

Mexican grill   *G*V

Spinach soup  *G*V 


Wed. January 26.:

Spinach tart  *V  (gluten free option)

Mexican soup  *G*V


Thu. January 27.: 

Swedish neat ballz  *G*V

Beetroot & coconut soup  *G*V


Fri.  January 28.: 

Nut loaf  *G   (vegan option)

Icelandic celeriac soup  *G*V


Sat. January 29.:

Cauliflower w. an Indian touch  *G*V

Madras soup  *G*V


*G (gluten free)   *V (vegan)  




                  Small portion / Full portion

  • Dish of the day   kr. 1700.-/2500.-
  • Soup and bread  kr.  1200.-/1750.-
  • Dish of the day and soup kr. 2700.-/3850.-


  • Open Mon./Fri. 11am – 6:30pm

  • except Wednesdays 11am – 5pm

  • Open Saturdays 12am – 5pm

  • Closed Sundays